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Tea Partiers demands apology from Captain America

Mistake or not, the first run of issue 602 of Captain American just became more valuable than otherwise would be after Tea bagger references were discovered and corrected for future editions. Tea Party Coalition members demand apology from Marvel.

In issue No. 602 of Captain America, “Two Americas, Part One,” Captain America and his partner The Falcon, a black superhero from New York City, stumble upon a protest rally in Boise, Idaho. They see scores of protesters carrying signs that say “Stop the Socialists!” and “Tea Bag The Libs Before They Tea Bag YOU!”

Ed Brubaker, who wrote the story, told’s Joshua Rhett Miller, he did not write the “Tea Bag The Libs Before They Tea Bag YOU!” sign shown in the edition, insisting that the words were added by someone in “lettering or production” just before being shipped to the printer. It will be changed in subsequent editions, he said.

Community Comments

#1 Howard Tayler
@ 8:37 am

Isn’t the hue and cry growing out of the fact that the protesters in the comic turned out to be a front for a neo-Nazi thing?

#2 Howard Tayler
@ 9:27 am

(Note: I haven’t read the comic in question. Looking for clarity, not calling for a correction.)

#3 Alan Gardner
@ 10:01 am

@Howard. Of the stories I’ve read, the neo-Nazi thing hasn’t been mentioned. It might be part of the story-line, but so far everyone is fixated on the teabagger reference.

#4 Pat Bagley
@ 11:21 am

Captain America is a great patriot and has nothing to apologize for.

#5 Ben Paddon
@ 11:31 am

If the Tea Partiers get this bent out of shape every time someone points out how bloody stupid they all are they’re not going to have any time left for their half-assed “revolution”.

#6 Allan Holtz
@ 12:36 pm

Umm.. I don’t get it. Where’s the slur against the tea partiers in that reference? That’s exactly the sort of sign you’d expect to see at their events, no?

#7 Tom Heintjes
@ 1:33 pm

Allan, I suspect they are upset because they’re inferring some juvenile humor about “tea bagging” someone. Here’s some information about a rather high-profile such incident:

#8 Jules Rivera
@ 7:01 pm

So let me get this straight. Are the Tea Partiers getting upset because the Captain America comic referenced them at all or that they made a crude reference to “teabagging” that associates with the party? If it’s the former, they need to get over it. It’s not like what was said was even all that bad or even erroneous. If it’s the latter, then maybe they should’ve considered a different name for their party. That’s like if they had called themselves the Long-Wiener party and got shocked and angry when someone would make a childish joke about it.

Seriously, guys? Roll with the punches.

#9 Jim Lavery
@ 8:08 am

This whole controversy is a title misprint. This was supposed to be in Issue #602 of Captain Europa.

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