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Dallas Art News to start webcomic section in April

The Dallas Art News will be starting a webcomic section in April after recent post featuring webcomic art broke web traffic records for the site. Be warned, for now, they are “considering compensation.”

Here are some of the specifics for the Guest Webcomic Artist Program:

Each guest webcomic artist will product 4 to 5 web comics which will be displayed one per week for a designated month

Webcomic artist can use their current webcomic characters or create a totally new comic

Subject of the webcomic has to be art related (art history, art education, museums, galleries, art mediums, auctions, etc.)

Subject matter has to be suitable for a general audience

Webcomics created for Dallas Art News cannot be displayed anywhere on the Internet until that comic has been displayed on Dallas Art News

Webcomic artists will retain all rights to their work

Community Comments

#1 Steve Skelton
@ 12:18 pm

Be warned, for now, they are ?considering compensation.?

Oh man c’mon. If you can’t afford to pay contributors then you can’t afford to be in business. Go start a lemonade stand. That should reacquaint you with fundamental economics.

#2 Tony Piro
@ 12:31 pm

The above links doesn’t work. Here’s a link for those interested

I’m slightly confused. Will the webcomics appear just on their site, in a gallery, in some sort of printed edition?

#3 August J. Pollak
@ 1:52 pm

Be warned, for now, they are ?considering compensation.?

They admit that the comics increased their traffic to record heights, they want first-online-rights as well as specific subject/topic matter, and they’re “considering” whether or not the artists should be compensated for it? Wow, how generous of them.

#4 Anne Hambrock
@ 2:11 pm

I see the comics have to be g-rated. That will be interesting.

#5 Tony Piro
@ 3:23 pm

The previous webcomics increased The Dallas Art News traffic to record heights because they had 19 webcomic artists linking to them.

This is the same scam that sites like Zuda use. They generate a bunch of traffic for themselves under the facade that they are somehow providing exposure for these creators.

#6 Ted Dawson
@ 4:28 pm

Zuda compensates the cartoonists.

#7 Peter Marinacci
@ 10:12 am

You have to create the comics with a specific subject and you have to give them first online rights…and they might consider paying you. I wonder if they treat their reporters this way? It’s an offer I think I can refuse.

#8 Howard Tayler
@ 10:48 am

It can’t appear on the internet until after they print it? Hmmm… this is sounding less like “webcomics” and more like “let’s get us some free content.”

#9 Tony Piro
@ 3:29 pm

@Ted What if you don’t win?

#10 Ted Dawson
@ 9:55 am

Tony, it doesn’t matter if you win. Zuda selects ten 8-page submissions each month, and each of them is paid $500.00 for the one-time rights. The comic that wins the contest gets a 52-week contract to continue the story. If I remember correctly, they pay $250 per weekly installment. Successful comics that continue past the first year probably get more.

I think the syndicates could learn from this model.

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