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B.C. introduces first new character since 1964

The B.C. team has decided to keep “Wolf” around making the dog the first new character in Johnny Hart’s strip since 1964 when Grog was introduced.

Community Comments

#1 Shane Davis
@ 1:27 pm

He looks a lot like ‘Kenny’ from The Dogs of C-Kennel, also by Mick Mastroianni. Kenny with fangs.

I like it.

#2 Charles Brubaker
@ 2:02 pm

What Shane said.

Mason’s been helping out on his brother’s strip, so I guess it just got brought over to B.C. when he took over.

#3 Shane Davis
@ 3:39 pm

Maybe my mistake? I thought Mick Mastroianni was helping on B.C., is he not?

#4 Jeff Stanson
@ 5:00 pm

“First since 1964” is not true at all. For instance the chaarcters Anno Domini and Conahonty were introduced in the ’90s.

#5 Rob Smith Jr
@ 12:57 pm

I still think of Grog as a new character!

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