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Non Sequitur turns 18 years old

Wiley Miller’s Non Sequitur is officially 18 years old (as of yesterday). Here is the debut strip:

A couple of notes about Non Sequitur. It’s one of those strips that makes me wish I didn’t have to wait until the creator dies or retires before a complete volume can be printed.

And My first syndicates strip submission in the late 90’s was a horizontal single panel that put a zany modern spin on historical events. Rejection notes were positive, but if I read between the lines, it was clear it was perceived as a Wiley knock-off, which wasn’t my intention, but the influence was certainly there.

Congratulations Wiley. Well done.

Community Comments

#1 Stephen Beals
@ 12:34 am

Somebody certainly could make money by chronologically reprinting Non Sequitur. I would love to see larger versions of the strips.

I don’t want to wait until anybody dies, just in case it’s me that does the dying.

#2 Chad Welch
@ 7:00 am

Congrats, Wiley. Looking forward to many more.

#3 Paul Fell
@ 8:32 am

Non Sequitur continues to be one of the best written and designed strip/panels out there today. I would say that even if Wiley wasn’t paying me a generous stipend.

#4 Mark_Tatulli
@ 8:51 am

Congratulations to Wiley! A cartoonist who doesn’t just sit back, but continues to chart new territory! Well done, sir!

Mark T

@ 8:55 am

Congratulations to a master. Your input about cartooning on this site is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

#6 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 11:02 am

It’s now old enough to vote! Congrats!

#7 John Read
@ 11:31 am

I’m with Stephen. Speaking as a fan who gets his Wiley fix mostly from Non Sequitur reprint books, I would LOVE to see a high quality hardback collection of his work!

#8 Stacy Curtis
@ 12:21 pm

I agree on the Non Sequitur collections. It would be great to see 18 years worth of Non Sequitur on my bookshelf.

Congratulations on 18 years, Wiley.

#9 Garey Mckee
@ 12:08 am

LOL @ Lucas. But it’s not old enough to drink.

#10 Mark McComas
@ 4:38 pm

Congratulations, Wiley. I just wish all your fine pen work was more visible in our paper–the Charleston WV Gazette seems to think that comics readers are also stamp collectors–the strips are so small! I really would like to see your strip and Prince Valiant about twice as large as they now appear.

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