Original Charles Addams cartoons on exhibit in NYC

Those in the New York area might be interested in this exhibit of original Charles Addams work:

Charles Addams’s New York is an exhibition of original artworks by the legendary New Yorker cartoonist that capture Addams’s quintessentially idiosyncratic and slyly subversive view of the city, depicting his signature macabre characters, twisted situations, and distorted reimaginings of the cityscape. The works in the exhibition include watercolors, preliminary pencil sketches, completed cartoons, and examples of published work from the cover of the New Yorker. The subjects are gleefully varied, ranging from charming to creepy; they include depictions of life on New York’s subways and buses, in offices, department stores, museums, parks, streets, and homes. A special section will look at the evolution of the creepy assemblage of characters who were dubbed “the Addams Family” as they developed as mainstays of Addams’s cartoons, moving through the streets of his New York and adding to the sense of mischief and deviancy that characterized the world as he saw it.

2 thoughts on “Original Charles Addams cartoons on exhibit in NYC

  1. Man, I wish I could go see this. Addams is one of my influences as far as humor goes. It is always great to see original art. I got to see a Gorey exhibit at the Brandywine Museum near Philadelphia and was not disappointed.

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