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Matt Wuerker wins the 2010 Herblock Prize

Matt Wuerker, editorial cartoonist for Politico, has won this year’s Herblock Prize for 2010. Matt was a finalist in last year’s Pulitzer Prize. According to a story on Politico, his editor congratulated Matt for being “at the top of his game and enjoying it more than ever at a moment when his work matters more than ever.”

Responding to the news, Matt said:

“There are so many wonderful cartoonists working today, producing great, strong cartoons who are certainly equally deserving, many of whom I’m lucky to know as friends,” Wuerker said, adding he was “absurdly lucky to get singled out like this.”

“Most of all, I feel lucky to have been pulled aboard POLITICO when it set sail. It’s been a remarkable ride,” Wuerker said. “The staff here are such smart journalists and supportive friends. And my editors, specifically John and [Executive Editor] Jim [VandeHei], are dream editors for a cartoonist. Their unwavering support of my creative freedom here, and the generous use of cartoons and caricature on the site, are all things for which I will always be grateful.”

Community Comments

#1 Pedro Molina.
@ 11:09 pm

Congratulations Matt!

#2 Mike Thompson
@ 9:17 am

Congrats, Matt! Well deserved.

#3 Pat Bagley
@ 11:30 am

Matt, great job. It was an enlightening experience to be one of the judges this year.

A question for those of you interested: The Herblock considered animation as well as print this year. Should there be two prizes or one?

#4 Steve Greenberg
@ 11:32 am

Way to go Matt! You’re deserving of many prizes.

#5 Pedro Molina.
@ 2:23 pm

@Pat: I think two. print and animation works in a very different way.

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