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Judging 2009’s New Yorker cartoonists

The Village Voice’s Brian Parks has ranked last year’s best New Yorker cartoonists. The article doesn’t specify the judging criteria. Top ranking cartoonists included: Paul North, John O’Brien, Alex Gregory, Drew Dernavich and Danny Shanahan. Cartoon editor Bob Mankoff landed at #7.

Community Comments

#1 Rick Ellis
@ 1:20 pm

“The article doesnâ??t specify the judging criteria.”

“I liked the kitty.”
Mr. Elinoff to Elaine in Sienfield

#2 Shannon Wheeler
@ 3:09 pm

Based on a minimum of 10 appearances, thank you very much (I had 5).

#3 Rich Diesslin
@ 12:21 am

I think while the criteria is subjective it’s clear what it is and it’s quite funny in and of itself. Maybe next year Shannon! ;)

#4 Kevin Moore
@ 12:38 am

You should have had many more appearances, Shannon. Your rejects are hilarious.

#5 Jeff Darcy
@ 12:05 pm

How ’bout the VOICE ranking the top ten cartoon features they and other alternatives axed to save money.

#6 Peter Plum
@ 11:57 am

Now we need a list of the most rejected New Yorker cartoonists of all time. By my count, over 20,000 times.

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