Eric Millikin talks with Larry Wright

Eric Millikin, interviews cartoonist Larry Wright for the The Comics Journal:

EM: The Detroit News, which featured editorial cartoons by both you and Henry Payne up until recently, and before that both you and Draper Hill, has to be one of the last major metro dailies to have two editorial cartoonists on staff.

LW: The News only had Draper Hill and me as full-time editorial cartoonists from about 1977 to 1994. The first Gannett publisher, Bob Giles, called me into his office and told me The News could no longer afford two full-time cartoonists and suggested I try to join a team to develop an internet edition of The News, that at that time was pretty rare. He did say I could work out a deal with then Editorial Page Editor Tom Bray and continue op-ed cartoons but in an addition to the full-time internet thing. Since Iâ??d been a Mac user since they first came out in 1984 it turned out to be a pretty satisfying job.

2 thoughts on “Eric Millikin talks with Larry Wright

  1. Thus, the continuing death of editorial cartoons abided by the former practitioners.
    How satisfying, on the way to the funeral home.

    Larry Wright, you are no help to your brothers!

    Vomit and maggots are your reward!

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