Guarding Westergaard costing Denmark $3.8 million

Kurt Westergaard, the most famous of the Mohammad cartoon creators, has been under Danish police protection for the last couple of years. Politiken reports that the new bodyguard system operated by PET (the Danish Intelligence and Security Service) will cost an annual equivalent of US $3.8 million for salaries alone. His home has also been equipped with 24-7 surveillance, alarms, and customized locks which is credited with delaying the New Years Eve murder attempt allowing the police to reach the home in time to arrest the attacker.

2 thoughts on “Guarding Westergaard costing Denmark $3.8 million

  1. Man,
    If I were Westergaard, I would ask the govt. for 1 million a year. Quit my cartooning and quietly diasppear while saving my country 2.8 million a year.
    Take that Jim Davis! Lol.

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