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Squid Row webcomic lands first newspaper slot

Bridgett Spicer’s webcomic Squid Row has landed a spot in The Monterey County Herald. The comic began running on Monday of this week. Bridgett has produced and posted the comic for the last year on her website

Community Comments

#1 Rich Diesslin
@ 4:26 pm

Congrats Bridgett! Great news hope you get many more.

#2 Brian Powers
@ 4:30 pm

awesome! Congrats!

#3 Brookes Eggleston
@ 7:31 pm

Woo! Get to insert any reference to your URL?

#4 Rick Ellis
@ 9:00 am

Nice job. Hope the momentum builds.

#5 Jason Nocera
@ 10:37 am

Okay, I’ll ask. Is it a paying gig or not?

#6 Ted Rall
@ 10:57 am

Cartoonists have been including their URLs in comics and editorial cartoons for years. It’s not an issue.

#7 Bridgett Spicer
@ 1:09 pm

Thanks you guys! I appreciate the “woo hoos” and congratulatory-ness. To answer: Yes, it’s a paying gig… (yay!) …and URL inclusion is not frowned upon by any means… and The Herald has been SUPER all the way around!

#8 Jason Nocera
@ 2:30 pm

Great to hear….congrats!

#9 Shawn Labadie
@ 10:45 am

Congrats Bridgett! Very happy for you.

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