Prince Valiant colorist releases self-publish novel

Scott Roberts, a colorist and letterer for the Prince Valiant strip, has released a self-published fantasy novel entitled “The Troubing Stone.”

But now he has a new project, a project with his name in teal lettering on the front cover. Roberts self-published his first novel, “The Troubling Stone,” two months ago. It is a departure from his usual method of storytelling (no drawings, no cartoons, no exaggerated caricatures), even if the youth audience he is targeting remains the same.

“I just like characters,” Roberts said. “Basically what I like is storytelling.”

One thought on “Prince Valiant colorist releases self-publish novel

  1. I hope folks pay attention to this.

    Scott is more than a colorist.

    His work on his creator-owned “Patty Cake” stories has been inspired.

    He was a writer for the Rugrats strip, which I edited, and became lead penciller, giving the strip a style its own. The two collected Rugrats strip volumes contain only his pencils. (FYI, not because the work of other pencillers wasn’t good–it was; it’s just that the collected edition needed one look, and Scott had been, by far, the most prolific and distinctive of the bunch.)

    Scott’s has a distinctly personal style with a potential for a broad-based mass appeal.

    Disclaimer: he’s also my partner on an upcoming comics short story that will be featured in an anthology.

    I’m writing this so folks will know that Scott’s work in “The Troubling Stone” reaches beyond his own personal bar of excellence.

    –Lee Nordling

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