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Who knows the history behind this cartoon?


I just got back from a conference in Denver. While there, my company had a private dinner at Buckhorn Exchange, a famous restaurant in the city with all manner of stuffed trophy game heads mounted on the wall with famous autographs and photos of patrons over the decades (the restaurant has been open since the late 1800s). Along the wall was this cartoon original featuring sketches by Bil Keane, Mort Walker, Jim Borgman, and Gordon Bess. It bore a date of May 13, 1983. Anyone know the history of the cartoon?

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Community Comments

#1 Rick Kirkman
@ 11:24 am

It obviously has the signature of Joe D’Angelo, at the time, Pres. of King Features Syndicate, who it looks like probably picked up the check. Don’t know why they were all there in one place. Since it was in the 80s, it’s likely that it could have been that they were all there for a Newspaper Features Council meeting.

#2 Rick Kirkman
@ 11:33 am

It also has a drawing from Bill Yates (Professor Phumble), who was also an executive at King Features at one time.

#3 Clay Jones
@ 2:41 pm

Did you see the whale penis hanging from the ceiling? I’m not kidding.

#4 Stephen Beals
@ 3:16 pm

Clay, that just entered my list of “questions I never thought I’d hear”.

#5 Alan Gardner
@ 3:22 pm

I saw the two headed goat and some exotic African animals, but sadly the whale penis went unnoticed. Another reason to go back to Denver next chance I get.

#6 Les Taylor
@ 8:02 pm

Well that’s the day I was born… but I don’t think I can tell you anything other than that. :) Pretty awesome to see that though.

#7 Henry Clausner
@ 7:22 am

Is that a table cloth they drew on? Luv the Ronald Reagan!

#8 John Auchter
@ 9:45 am

Well it was there a few years ago. The friendly waitress told our table that what looked to be an elephant tusk was in fact a “dork” (whale penis). Honestly.

I can see where I’m going to have some trouble explaining this post to the federal agents when they show up at my door….

#9 Mike Peterson
@ 12:23 pm

You’ll have to have your name on a list of people who are not allowed to live within 1500 yards of a marine aquarium.

#10 Philip Taterczynski
@ 12:27 am

If you go to the Icelandic Phallological Museum, you can see preserved penes of 92 different species (272 specimens in all), including 22 whale dorks. They don’t have a human specimen on display yet, but a couple of posthumous donations have been promised.

Check it out:

#11 Brian Martin
@ 7:08 am

does this museum have a coffee table book?

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