Dave Horsey cartoon elicits Mike Beckom response

Boeing announced it was opening a second manufacturing facility in South Carolina in part because it wasn’t a union state like Washington state where it currently builds planes. The announcement prompted Seattle Post-Intelligencer editorial cartoonist Dave Horsey to draw a cartoon asking, “How many non-union South Carolinian workers does it take to attach a wing to a Boeing airplane?” The punchline was “Five … and a dog” and depicted a group of men holding up the wing and calling their dog to fetch duck tape.

The cartoon had a mixed reaction from South Carolinians who saw it. Editorial cartoonist Mike Beckom responded in kind drawing a cartoon of a man in over-alls talking on the phone saying, “Yep, I got her purrin’ like a kitten. Just’ hadda take out them whiney, unionized know-it-all Yankees..”

David mentioned in an interview with Fox Carolina that negative reaction was expected, but “the reactionary cartoon in The Palmetto Scoop is just part of the fun of [the] business.

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