Corey Pandolph launches another comic

Corey Pandolph, cartoonist for The Elderberries and creator of Barkeater Lake, Greene With Envy and Toby, Robot Satan, has announced he’s launching a new comic called Angry Eyebrows which is an experiment to bring all of this three comic creations into one single comic.

From the Gocomics announcement:

Finding that the demands of three web comics (Barkeater Lake, Toby Robot Satan and Greene With Envy), plus the newspaper-syndicated The Elderberries daily comic strip combined were pushing him to the brink of insanity, Corey’s manic brain hatched a plan – one that would allow him to continue to create stories starring his beloved creations, but with a schedule that wouldn’t cause his skull to explode. And so Angry Eyebrows – a strangely self-aware web comic that shines the spotlight on three very diverse comic strip casts (and even the creator who gave birth to them) – was born.

Angry Eyebrows replaces Greene With Envy, which will now be absorbed into the AE daily strip along with new stories starring the Barkeater Lake crew and the cast of Toby Robot Satan.

Barkeater Lake and Toby will continue to run on Gocomics starting with the beginning strips with occasional commentary from Corey.

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