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Big thanks to the 28 who wrapped up my fundraiser

The last official day of fund-raising went well. Some donations came in through the weekend and I’ll be posting their names as well as permission is given. A big thanks to all those gave financial support to the work I do here on the blog. It was humbling to see how many of you all were willing to donate.

  • Joe Engesser – Joe is a correctional deputy who does cartooning for magazines. He also does a prison/inmate humor cartoon called Good Time Served that runs on Dakota County Sheriff’s web site.
  • mil – mil (pen name) is another one of our international readers. He started publishing his cartoons online in 2007 which he’s been able to parlay into freelance for advertising work.
  • Karyl MillerKaryl is the President of Southern California Cartoonists Society (the San Diego Chapter of NCS), and a comedy writer. She has worked on “The Cosby Show” and won an Emmy for best writing for “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.”
  • Bridgett Spicer – I met Bridgett at the Success in Comics seminar. She does the webcomic Squid Row about a starving artist Randie.
  • Terry LaBan – Terry is the creator of Edge City. He also does illustrations and editorial cartons for the alt-weekly In These Times.
  • Philip Farmer – Philip does a variety of comics both on the web and in print. His 5x a week webcomic is called Faust and is currently featured in the virtual display for the Cartoon Art Museum’s “Monsters of Webcomics” exhibit in San Francisco.
  • Shane Davis – Shane is another regular commentor here. He does a comic strip Treaty Oak which was on the Amazon quarter finalists.
  • Tony Cochran – Tony does the great comic strip Agnes. I met Tony back in 2007 when I visited the OSU Cartoon Research Library. He’s a natural, funny story-teller.
  • Pab Sungenis – Pab does the comic The New Adventures of Queen Victoria. He’s announced that he’s taking pre-orders for this fourth book “Suffragettes Gone Wild” that will come out on November 10.
  • David QuintanarDavid is a magazine cartoonist. His toons have been in a variety of magazines such as Woman’s World and Highlights. He has a comic strip called Joe Bullet: Homicide.
  • Terri Libenson – Terri is the creator of The Pajama Diaries. Her professional career began as a writer/illustrator for American Greetings where she still works part-time. Her strip was launched in March 2006.
  • Brian Crane – Brian does the wonderful comic strip Pickles. He and I have a couple things in common, we both were born in Idaho and graduated from the same junior college in Idaho.
  • Mark Anderson – Mark is the genius behind He has one book collection “Rub My Tummy And it’s a Deal” and a 2010 calendar.
  • Mike Keefe – Mike is the award winning editorial cartoonist for the The Denver Post and is nationally syndicated. He also plays in a bar band called “Falling Rock.”
  • David Essman – David is the award winning cartoonist. He has been a contributor here on the blog and he does the animation for Ted Rall’s animated editorial cartoon shorts.
  • Frank Page – Frank is the creator of Bob the Squirrel, which you can get on He also wrapped up his graphic novel “Better Man” which is available through
  • Alan Jones – Alan does a weekly comic that he posts on his new website Electromagneto Comcis. If you’ve got a moment, check out his ‘toons.
  • Cam Millward – I met Cam at the Success in Comics seminar. He’s over the pagination division of Canwest Editorial Services and is responsible for paginating a good chunk of the funny papers across North America.
  • Jeff Darcy – Jeff is the editorial cartoonist for the Plain Dealer in Cleveland. One of his cartoons is in the latest issue of the International and Japanese Newsweek. Domo arigato.
  • John Hambrock – John does the excellent, I mean brilliant comic, The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee. He’s featured in the latest copy of Stay Tooned! magazine and was recently interviewd on Tall Tale’s Radio.
  • Bruce Quast – Bruce is the freelance editorial cartoonist for the Rockford (Illinois) Register Star – a gig he’s had for 15 years now.
  • Mike Ostresh – Mike does the comic Stepdad over on Comics Sherpa. Stepdad was also one of the Amazon Comic Strip superstar quarterfinalists. Good luck Mike!
  • Mike Donahue – is a comics fan who found stumbled upon TDC a couple of years ago. He tells me his current favs are: Baldo, Heart of the City, Lio, Retail, Zits and Prince Valiant
  • Kelly McNutt – Kelly does animation work for Jantz Studios. Check out his blog and be sure to check out his comic Working the Void.
  • Steve Scheckner – is the marketing guy behind the inspirational comic Holy Mole which can be read in The St. Petersburg Times, Bradenton Herald and the Lakewood Ranch Herald.
  • Garey Mckee – Garey has working on his comics strip Police Limit for over 10 years now. The strip was picked up by Praetorian Publishing which owns several law enforcement websites and magazines. Congrats!
  • Matt Daigle – I learned about Matt at the Success in Comics seminar in Vegas. He’s got an excellent panel feature called In Deaf Culture about the lighter side of deaf culture. As a deaf individual, he uses his cartoon to introduce people to living with out hearing.
  • Susie MacNelly – I’m not sure how many know this little factoid, but Susie is the Roz character in Shoe. Technically Jeff created Roz first, but when he met Susie, he realized he had found his character in real life. Susie’s website is Shoe Comics which includes samples of all the types of art Jeff created.
  • Joe GroshekJoe is an cartoonist/illustrator working on his second children’s book with Green Bay Packer wide receiver Donald Driver. The first book is entitled “Quickie Makes the Team” and the second is “Quickie Handles a Loss.”
  • Josh Shalek -Josh does the webcomic Welcome to Falling Rock National Park which he started in 2006.
  • Carl Moore – You probably know Carl does the right leaning political comic strip, State of the Union, but what you don’t know is that Carl once described himself as a “radical socialist majoring in English literature at the University of California at Berkeley.”
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