News briefs for October 12, 2009


» The Gazette editorial cartoonist Terry Mosher has a new book collection out called “Aislin’s Shenanigans.”

» Ted Rall has a new autobiographical graphic novel out entitled The Year of Loving Dangerously. The book is about Ted’s experiences getting expelled from Columbia University, fired, dumped, arrested and evicted and finally winding up homeless on the wild and weird streets of NYC during the 1980s.

Comic strips

» The Family Circus and Off the Mark to be dropped from Hartford Courant due to formatting change.

» Joe Engesser’s cartooning has been featured in Minnesota Public Radio. His feature runs on Dakota County Sheriff’s website and features inmate humor.

» Prickly City (daily and Sunday) has returned to The Chicago Tribune.

Editorial cartooning

» Canadian editorial cartoonist (and creator of The Other Coast) Adrian Raeside has been touring Canada promoting his new book, “Return To Antarctica”.

Graphic novels

» Fox has ordered a pilot for a potential animated series based on Peter Bagge The Bradleys.

2 thoughts on “News briefs for October 12, 2009

  1. Thanks for the mention, Alan! Technically it’s a graphic memoir. In both senses of the word.

    It should also be mentioned that the artwork isn’t by me, but by Pablo G. Callejo, the award-winning artist of the “Bluesman” series. Unlike my stuff, it’s very purty.

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