Thanks to the 37 first day donors

I want to publicly acknowledge those that generously donated to my annual pledge drive on it’s first day. There were a total of 37 donors. I have permission to mention 29 of them. They are:

  • Tony Piro – In addition to being a regular here, Tony is the creator of the Calamities of Nature webcomic.
  • Bill Hinds – Bill is a busy guy. He is the co-creator of Tank McNamara, does the Buzz Beamer cartoon for Sports Illustrated (animates it too!) and of course his own strip Cleats.
  • Mark Parisi – Mark deservedly won this year’s wins Best Newspaper Panel Division Award from the National Cartoonists Society for his great panel cartoon Off the Mark
  • John Glynn – The funny and witty John Glynn is the Vice President of Rights & Acquisitions of Universal Uclick. He’s also one of judges for the Amazon/Universal Comic Strip Superstar contest.
  • Howard Tayler – Howard is the excellent webcomic creator of Schlock Mercenary. He was also one of the speakers at the recent Success in Comics seminar.
  • Brian Anderson – Brian is the genius behind the cute and adorable Dog Eat Doug comic strip. Love his line art as well.
  • Corey Pandolph – Corey is, in my opinion, one of the most unrecognized comic strip talents in the industry. Pick any of them: Barkeater Lake, Toby, Robot Satan or the new Greene With Envy. Great stuff.
  • Steve Skelton – Steve is the incredibly funny 2 Cows and a Chicken found over on If you haven’t seen it head on over.
  • Brian Powers – Brian is the up and coming creator of the webcomic Liltoon which is updated three times a week.
  • Mike Cope – Mike is a wonderful artist and multimedia designer from Canada. He wrote a great cartooning sci-fi book called the “Last of the Funnies,” and he made it through the first cut of the Amazon Comic Superstar contest.
  • Dan Thompson – Several years ago, I wondered if a funny serial type strip might be marketable. Dan’s Rip Haywire comic proves it can. Congrats on the holiday special feature.
  • Eddie Pittman – I’m always a sucker for great line art, and Eddie’s Red’s Planet graphic novel is just fun to look at. Red’s Planet is a web graphic novel that’s coming next month. Check out his website for previews.
  • Susan Camilleri Konar – Susan is a great gag cartoonist. You’ve probably seen her cartoons in Harvard Business Review, The Wall St Journal, or Reader’s Digest. Her new comic strip also made it through the first cut of the Amazon Comic Superstar contest.
  • Norm Feuti – Norm is another one of those talents that has more than one really good strips at the same time. He does the syndicated strip Retail strip and his webcomic Gill. Check them out at his new site.
  • Doug Ring – Doug is one our silent regulars. Funny story about, Doug. Many years ago, as a lawyer, he represented several cartoonists and was excited to be paid with original art. Unfortunately his law firm was not, so he couldn’t represent them anymore.
  • Matt Zalen – Matt is another up and coming cartoonists.
  • Lucas Turnbloom – Lucas is the creator of the incredibly good webcomics Imagine this that you can find on
  • Jeff Koterba – Typically I hate Flash websites, but Jeff’s site is very cool and very nicely done. He’s coming out with a memoir called “Inklings” on November 3rd. He’s currently the editorial cartoonist for the Omaha World-Herald.
  • Rick Kirkman – Rick is the co-creator of the HUGELY popular strip Baby Blues seen in just about as many newspapers as there are… well newspapers. He’s also an expert with all things Apple computers. If he wasn’t so successful as a cartoonist, he’d probably be behind the Mac Genius Bar somewhere.
  • Boomer Cardinale – Boomer is a semi-pro cartoonist who has been published and syndicated in the past. He has an on-going comic strip project called The Mighty Tubularman.
  • Liz Walsh – Liz is another up and coming cartoonist. She does a webcomic called The Tao of Geek where you might suspect she is targeting the geek audience.
  • Scott Hilburn – Scott has that break-away panel comic called… The Far.. no wait, hang on. It’s The Argyle Sweater. If it’s not in your local paper, just wait it will be soon.
  • Drew Litton – Drew is also one of those really nice guys of cartooning. He does the excellent sports editorial cartoon and is getting into animation, character design, toy design, children’s book illustration. Check it all out on his website.
  • Tom Gammill – Tom is one of those really, really funny guys. He was a writer for the TV show “Seinfeld” and “The Simpsons”. In cartooning, he draws The Doozies and those hilarious “Learn to draw” series.
  • Tom Racine – Tom is the reason I haven’t tried to do podcasting. His Tall Tales Radio program is always informative, entertaining and is guaranteed to have on great guests.
  • Bill Kellogg – Bill is the marketing genius behind Tundra – the most widely self-syndicated comic strip in the papers today. He was also generous enough to share that how-to knowledge in the Success in Comics seminar a couple of weeks back.
  • Moonbase Press
  • Moonbase Press is the publisher of Kevin & Kell and General Protection Fault print editions. Go check out their books.

  • Alex Hallatt – Alex is the creator of the delightful and environmentally safe Arctic Circle comic strip. I admire her ability to use her strip to talk about environmental concerns without being preachy.
  • Steve Greenberg – Steve is an award winning editorial cartoonist who’s work runs in L.A. news and politics web site LA and for the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles.

Thank you very much to all those who supporting my efforts. I’m humbled by the response.