NY Post editor sacked due to chimp cartoon?

Sandra Guzman, an associate editor at the New York Post, was dismissed last week according to an article at the Huffington Post. The paper maintains her dismissal was “because the monthly in-paper insert, Tempo, of which she was the editor, has been discontinued.” Some employees within the paper felt she had crossed management during the Sean Delonas Chimp Cartoon debacle and they finally had reason to get rid of her.

I think ever since then, she has been on their shit list and they were trying to look for a reason to get rid of her,” said a Post employee who was granted anonymity in exchange for speaking freely. The problem at the Post is a revenue problem, the employee said. “My whole thing is, she is not in charge of advertising. She is an associate editor. Whoever is in accounting or advertising should have been held accountable.

After the Delonas cartoon ran, Guzman sent out an email to employees stating, “I neither commissioned or approved it. I saw it in the paper yesterday with the rest of the world. And, I have raised my objections to management.”

4 thoughts on “NY Post editor sacked due to chimp cartoon?

  1. Surely, it looks to me like she wasn’t fired because of the chimp cartoon itself, but because she dared criticize her bosses for coming up with and running the chimp cartoon.

  2. Finally and editor is fired instead of the cartoonist. irregardless if you agree with the cartoon or not ( which was mischaracterized and misinterpreted BTW) it’s refreshing to see the paper value the cartoonist and stand by him when the Al Shaptons come barking.

  3. I’m with Brian here. A cartoonist should NEVER be fired because of a cartoon. It’s the editor’s job to make sure a cartoon is suitable for publication.

  4. The only problem I have with this whole story (or at least this angle of it) is the sheer number of newspaper people who’ve lost their jobs in the last year, and the fact that EVERY newspaper in the country is slashing sections at a record pace. Her dismissal comes 8 months after the Delonas cartoon flap, so how do we know this is the cause?

    Sure, she could have been fired because she publicly crossed her paper. Wow, Rupert Murdoch is a vindictive dick who likes his revenge best served cold? That’s not news.

    Was it just her, or did additional reporters, designers, sales people get the boot? Nowhere in this “story” does it say, so we’re left with internal scuttlebutt from people who may have their own agenda to put this particular spin on it.

    Just sayin’

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