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Bob Muirhead passes away at age 66

Bob Muirhead has passed away at the early age of 66 – four years after suffering a debilitating stroke. Bob provided weekly editorial cartoons for the Observer for nearly 20 years while working his day job as a school counselor.

Community Comments

#1 Henry Clausner
@ 8:08 am

Bob was a good talent I see, it was a loss. I’m sure the Observer will miss him.

#2 Brian Giles
@ 3:43 pm

Bob was an unusually talented observer of the Okanagan scene. His compassionate, warm sense of humour made him very popular. And he had a wicked, critical side when he wanted to. Little known fact, Bob used to share a studio with famed Expo artist Robert McIlhargey, who has also passed away.
Goodbye Bob, we’ll miss you.

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