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Gary Markstein takes buyout from Milwaukee paper

It’s feeling like 2008 all over again today. Rob Tornoe is reporting that Gary Markstein, who was one of two editorial cartoonist at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel until 2004, took a buyout and will be leaving the paper where he’s been in the design department since 2004. He currently draws the comic strip Daddy’s Home which he co-created with Tony Rubino.

Community Comments

#1 Ben Carlsen
@ 3:37 pm

These are dark days for editorial cartoonists. I just keep hoping that Rick McKee, from my hometown newspaper The Augusta Chronicle, will be able to keep his job. He’s awesome.

#2 Henry Clausner
@ 8:15 am

don’t buy any green bananas fellahs…

#3 Gaston
@ 11:41 pm

Thanks for this. “Emmy Lou” was terrific. I alwyas liked the look of the strip, and as I look at it now it seems to embody kind of a stylistic transition from the 1930s through the 1960s, wrapping up some beautiful linework and lanky character design in between. The work has that great mid-century aesthetic that I love. Marty Links was a real talent, and I’m sorry I didn’t know she passed away just last January. Another one I would’ve liked to have met and thanked….

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