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News Briefs for August 5, 2009

Editorial Cartooning

» Another animated editorial cartoon by Ted Rall and David Essman.

» Daryl Cagle is posting video from his panel at the San Diego Comic-Con. This video features the cartoons of Glenn McCoy. Keep checking is blog for more videos throughout the week.

Graphic Novels

» Steve Duin of The Oregonian reviews “You’ll Never Know” a graphic novel that he describes as, “instantly takes its place alongside Maus, Persepolis and Fun Home as a classic of the graphic memoir genre.”


» New Zealand cartoonist Tom Scott has written the script for a newly released motion picture called “Separation City.” The movie is part autobiographical and “looks at themes of love and sex, told frankly and distinctly from the point of view of men.”

Community Comments

#1 Rich Diesslin
@ 9:54 am

Daryl & Glenn … nice work!

#2 Josh McDonald
@ 10:52 am

Actually, what Steve Duin says is,

“…we need to give the marketing staff at Fantagraphics a drug test for suggesting You’ll Never Know “instantly takes its place alongside Maus, Persepolis and Fun Home as a classic of the graphic memoir genre.” “

#3 Jesse Cline
@ 10:57 am

wow Alan, that quote was taken totally out of context and contradictory to the actual review:

“But I do know this: For all its charms, You’ll Never Know does not belong on the same shelf with Fun Home, Maus or the other classics of the genre, and — given the weight of expectation — it is unfairly maligned by the comparison.”

Still looks worth picking up, hope the library gets it soon

#4 Jason Nocera
@ 12:24 pm

haha – that’s the ol’ movie review trick where you just take a snippet of the review to give it a good spin. Nice, Alan!

#5 Jeff Pert
@ 12:38 pm

Love Glenn McCoy’s work, even though I rarely agree w/ his politics. He writes funny and draws funny, a combination that seems to be becoming more rare.

#6 T.J. Hill
@ 7:14 pm

Bravo Glenn McCoy — great work!

#7 Alan Jones
@ 1:22 pm

Great stuff, Glenn! Thanks Daryl for video of your panel.

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