Lio Look-Alike contest launched

Univeral Uclick and Mark Tatulli have announced the first ever look-alike contest. Contestants are encouraged to do their best to mimic Lioâ??s trademark hair spike and capture the mischievous spirit of the weirdest little kid on the comics page and send the photos in before September 28th. Judges at Universal will narrow the selection with Mark selecting the top six that will then be posted on where Lio fans will then select the winner. The winner will receive a signed and framed original Lio comic strip. The runners-up receive signed copies of the latest Lio collection.

2 thoughts on “Lio Look-Alike contest launched

  1. Lio Look-Alike Contest … Hmm … Code name for “Casting Call of Unknown Kid Who Doesn’t Need to Read Lines”??

    Just kidding and wishful thinking 🙂

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