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News Briefs for July 22, 2009

Comic Strips

» Pearls Before Swine creator Stephan Pastis writes a touching compliment to Richard Thompson’s decision to go public with his Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis. In summary, “Courage is being diagnosed with Parkinson’s and writing chainsaw-juggling jokes about it.”

» Dan Piraro was the answer in a recent Merl Reagle’s crossword puzzle. The clue for 61 Down was, “Bizarro cartoonist Dan.”

Community Comments

#1 J Read
@ 12:42 pm

I was unable to link to Stephan’s “compliment.” I got a “404 Error” message when I tried.

#2 Alan Gardner
@ 1:26 pm

Link fixed.

#3 Craig Kenworthy
@ 7:41 pm

A must read for a certain comment about Thompson by, well you have to read it.

#4 Henry Clausner
@ 8:50 am

Yes Craig, it gives ya goose bumps. My compliments to Mr. Pastis, I was deeply impressed by his thoughts.

#5 mike witmer
@ 10:53 am


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