San Diego Comic-Con Round up #1

» Michael Cavna interviews five notable cartoonists who will be at this year’s Con. The five are: Sergio Aragones, Neil Gaiman, Lynn Johnston, Stan Lee, and Stephan Pastis.

» Tom Richmond is “live blogging” the con.

» The son of legendary Gene Roddenberry, Eugene Wesley Roddenberry Jr., is debuting a new Roddenberry Productions graphic novel series, “Days Missing,” at the Con.

» Sci Fi Scoop has photos of the event.

8 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con Round up #1

  1. Wish I could have gone to the convention! The list is unbelievable”…Sergio’s work impressed me as a kid, I always wondered how he could draw so small on the corner of the page…LOL!

  2. Stan Lee – can he draw? I don’t think so, but he used to write quite a bit back in the day… Maybe the title should say, “Comic Creators”, hmm?

  3. Comic-Con was a blast. Richard Thompson and Stephan Pastis each talked about their work. Jeff Keane made a funny cameo at Stephan’s talk. Lee Salem was at the Uclick booth. And more! Truly an all-star cast this weekend at San Diego.

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