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San Diego Comic-Con opens tomorrow

This is the big one. The San Diego Comic-con opens tomorrow and there will be lots of goings on. I’ll do my best to keep the most relevant announcements and news updated on the blog. Several of you have emailed me your schedule of where you’ll be (booth, panels, etc.). I couldn’t possibly make individual posts for you all with the announcements. For those wanting to see who will be there and who’s speaking/paneling check out the program schedule online.

How to keep up with the Con? If you’re accustomed to drinking from the fire hose that is Twitter, do a search on #sdcc. I suspect that at some point this weekend it will be in the top 10 trending hash tags. For those of you on Facebook, a page has been created to highlight events surrounding the Con.

And for those who couldn’t go, but wanted to, Bill Amend’s strip on Sunday shows how you too can experience it without actually traveling to Southern California.

Community Comments

#1 Corey Pandolph
@ 11:56 am

Comic Cons? They’re still doing those things?


#2 Andrew Wahl
@ 12:36 pm

For those interested, I’ll be covering Bronze-Age-related happening at Comic-Con on my site, I’ll also be do some work for Comics Bronze Age â?? including covering Spotlight Panels on Gene Colon and Dennis Kitchen â?? for Comic Book Resources. And I’ll be maintaining a Twitter Travelogue at


#3 henry clausner
@ 6:23 pm

<………….curious about how the con was

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