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Prison newspaper featuring bearded pig in turban pulled


Fifty thousand copies of a prison newspaper were pulled after “diversity chiefs” became “extremely concerned” over a cartoon sketch of a sneezing, bearded pig wearing a turban was found accompanying an article by an inmate who “suggested that swine flu was the result of a failed plot by Osama Bin Laden to â??eradicate every pig in Christendomâ??.”

Officials worried that it might offend Muslim prisoners.

(Hat Tip: Rob Tornoe.)

Community Comments

#1 Stephan Pastis
@ 11:39 am

Damn. There goes that idea.

#2 Shane Davis
@ 3:18 pm

Would have been better had it been a rat?

#3 Darryl Heine
@ 4:15 pm

The banned pig cartoon looks like it is drawn in the style of MAD Magazine cartoonist/Rankin Bass animator Paul Coker, Jr.!

#4 Garey Mckee
@ 5:02 pm

Imagine pigs in cartoons. Tasteless.

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