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From Iran: jailed cartoonist, twitter and offensive cartoons

Reporters Without Borders reports that some 23 reporters have been arrested since the riots began in Iran and the government shut down foreign news coverage. One of the reporters arrested is Behzad Basho. I tried to find any information on Behzad’s work, but could not find any.

In related news. The newspaper, Velayat, has been closed down after it ran a cartoon of President Ahmadinejad.

Daryl Cagle talks to (and features work by) Iranian cartoonist/refugee Nik Kowsar who now lives in Canada.

The Inquisitr has declared this cartoon by John Cole as “The BEST Twitter-Iran cartoon yet.” I’d agree. Excellent work John.


Twitter is getting a good deal of press for its role in spreading news about what is happening inside Iran. You can follow tweets regarding the Iranian election and riots by searching on the hashtag “#Iranelection.” If you want a to follow the chatter regarding cartooning related to Iran, search on Iran and Cartoon or Iran and Comic

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#1 Tony Piro
@ 10:25 am

If you want to watch recent tweets as they come out of Iran, this is a really fascinating site:

#2 bill jones
@ 10:35 am

adam zyglis’s take is pretty tweet as well.

#3 John Byrnes
@ 7:47 pm

If you are participating in the Iranian Riots or know someone who is and wish to remain safe? Let me help by showing you how to distinguish between those who are angry and those who are lethal.

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