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A new electronic comic reader was introduced at Heroes Con, called the Longbox. It’s a digital comics platform similar to iTunes, and it is expected to launch later this year as a free download for Mac, PC, and Linux. Comics can then be downloaded for a suggested price point of $.99 per issue, with the potential for block and subscription pricing, and the first two confirmed publishers for Longbox are Top Cow and BOOM! Studios. Attendees of Comic-Con International in San Diego will be given instructions on how to participate in a closed beta test of the software.

CBR News caught up with Rantz Hoseley to discuss the details of Longbox and its potential impact.

3 thoughts on “Longbox Digital Comics — Comic Book Resources Tells All

  1. The biggest complaint I’m hearing from people who read comic books (rather than collect them) is the ever increasing cost of individual titles. For these people, content is more important than having a physical book in hand. So 99 cents to get that same content is a good deal for them.

    I can see this as doing great for popular titles with an established fan base, especially for big companies that are just trying to venture out to the online market.

    Not so good for new artists though.

    Following the itunes model is nice and all…but I don’t know of anyone that pays to download random music on itunes from artists they’ve never heard from or uses itunes as a way to browse for new artists. Independent musicians still rely on free youtube or myspace accounts to distribute free content to reach a new audience and only relies on itunes as a form of support/donation.

    Paying for online content only works if you’re already established. New artists cannot afford to put up a subscription barrier or they cripple their potential audience growth significantly.

  2. First off, I would like to go on record saying that when I have indeed mentioned the concept of Apple doing something like “iToons,” it was an idea originally put forth by Justin Thompson of the most excellent Mythtickle. If they strike it rich, I want him to have the proper lawsuit ready. 🙂

    Secondly, I’d love to interview this guy, and have hopes to join in the beta test at the San Diego Comic Con…it’s certainly a big wave of the future I want to check out. It certainly looks interesting.

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