Guy Gilchirst debuts animated music video

Nancy cartoonist Guy Gilchirst has produced his first music video of his relaunched music career in Nashville. The song is entitled “Jim Beam me up, Scotty” and the video was produced with his artwork and the animation talent of Mike Cope.

Guy tells me in an email:

Then I started drawing. A few hundred pieces of paper later….there ya go. First I got Dennis Leal involved, scanning and doing art prep. Then George Sellas and Richard Doak, both of whom have worked with me on Nancy and Night Lights, to start helping with the color…then, along came Mike Cope. All the way from Canada. He had the simply ridiculous job of taking all of these drawings, storyline, and music, and putting it all together. Mike had so many great ideas. This has so much of his imagination in it.

2 thoughts on “Guy Gilchirst debuts animated music video

  1. One heck of a good animated video, thousand times better then what’s on Cartoon Network. Kudos, Cheers, Three thumbs up, better then “Cats, the musical” I’ll watch it again and again and again and again and …..

  2. Thanks so much, Phil. Mike and all the guys involved…just did such a great job, and this really was fun to do. And thanks to Alan for posting it.

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