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Spider-Man is still married… in newspapers


Marvel comics ended the marriage between Spider-Man character Peter Parker and Mary Jane in several comic book titles and the newspaper comic strip soon followed suit for the sake of continuity with the comic books. But that now seems to have ended, at least in the newspaper version of the comic. Sunday’s comic revealed that the last five months of a single Peter Parker was all but a dream. The strip also included a note to readers stating that the return was in response to their letters.

Community Comments

#1 Noah Rodenbeek
@ 8:00 am

It looks like Steve Ditko is still drawing Spiderman… in newspapers.

#2 Larry Levine
@ 8:21 am

Looks like ol’ Petey is having a ‘Bobby Ewing’ moment (there’s even a shower involved).

#3 John Sheppard
@ 9:12 am

MJ even resembles Victoria Principal a little!

#4 Tom Wood
@ 9:47 am

I thought that MJ was -supposed- to be unattainable. Teen angst and frustrated sexual desire and all that…

#5 Dave
@ 6:12 pm

Hopefully the comic book will follow suit with this, but I doubt it. The way they ended it was ridiculous and completely screwed up 40+ years of continuity.

#6 RS Davis
@ 6:44 pm

“Looks like olâ?? Petey is having a â??Bobby Ewingâ?? moment (thereâ??s even a shower involved).”

Or even better, maybe it is closer to how ‘The Newhart Show’ ended…

(jump to about 7:20)

I think Peter Parker must have been just as confused….

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