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Comic page changes for the week

» Deflocked bumps out Zippy the Pinhead for a place in The Berkshire Eagle.

» The Toronto Star has added Garfield and Baby Blues to their line up
. No other features were cut.

» New Britain (CT) Herald: began running running Sunday Frazz this last Sunday.

» The Palm Springs (CA) Desert Sun added Pearls Before Swine dailies as of this last Monday.

Community Comments

#1 Darryl Heine
@ 11:24 pm

Garfield’s back in a Toronto, Canada newspaper – The Toronto Star! Does the Toronto Star still carry Classic Peanuts?

#2 Chris Fournier
@ 8:48 am

Nope, they carry the FBorFW hybrid though!

#3 Darryl Heine
@ 11:11 am

So there’s no more Canadian newspapers carrying Classic Peanuts, I guess.

#4 mike crachiolo
@ 10:32 pm

you can read these comics on their respective websites and they are larger than the newspaper versions

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