News Briefs for May 27, 2009


» The plot for Toy Story 3 is the subject of an A.P. story posted a week or so ago. “Next year’s “Toy Story 3″ has the gang learning they have reached their shelf life as the young boy who owns them grows up and goes off to college.”

» Pixar receives lots of positive ink in USA Today about its upcoming film, “UP”

» Animated News is reporting that there will be a sequel to Alvin and the Chipmunks called, wait for it… “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel.” Follow the above link for a link to the teaser.

» Hollywood reporter says that Nickelodeon has ordered a pilot for “Monsters vs. Aliens” television series. Nickelodeon has also announced co-production plans for a “Kung Fu Panda” series and a “Penguins of Madagascar.”

Comic Strips

» Scott Nickel’s EEK! is now available on This is the first EEK! compilation.

» Lynn Johnston’s new children’s book is out entitled, “Farley Follows His Nose.” The book arrives in time for For Better or For Worse’s 30th anniversary.

Editorial Cartooning

» Friends and family are trying to raise a minimum of $35,000 to begin an endowment in Corky Trinidad’s name to fund scholarships and research at the University of Hawaii. Corky, a popular fixture in Hawaii, died last February.


» Keith Knight is interviewed by American Public Media’s the Story with Dick Gordon about his career as a cartoonist in this volatile economy.

» Tale Tales Features Radio talks to Corey Pandolph about his three strips and an upcoming fourth!

» TTF Radio also has recent interviews with Stephan Pastis, Rus Wornom, and Jeff Ranjo & John Sanford

» Michael Cavna interviews Mike Judge about his upcoming TV show The Goode Family


» Jodie Sarah Masiwchuk is profiled in the Kirkland Reporter on her webcomic Suburban Sarah

8 thoughts on “News Briefs for May 27, 2009

  1. I enjoyed Brave Little Toaster, added it to the kids animated movie library. They didn’t tell until years later that it scared the heck out of them. Oh well, the damage is done now…

  2. Toy Story 3: The toys learn they have reached their shelf life as the young boy who owns them grows up and goes off to college.

    Buzz and Woody star in a raunchy movie, called “Sex Toy Story,” their porn names are, well, Buzz and Woody.

    Mr. Potato Head has a short-lived career as the star of a newspaper comic strip in which hundreds of comic strips make the same joke over and over again of him shoving his eyes, nose and mouth parts into his butt compartment.

    All the other toys, including the water gun that shoots jelly, go to Goodwill and are soon delivered to the Island of Misfit Toys.

  3. I had heard that the plot of Toy Story 3 was going to be about Buzz being recalled by the factory, requiring misadventures in Asia by our heroes. The Japanese toy scene was to be parodied in there as well. I guess they changed their direction for the film. Too bad, Japanese toys would be a rich environment to play in for this sort of movie.

  4. That was the storyline for the aborted version of Toy Story 3 that was being developed by Disney, without input from Pixar, under the Michael Eisner regime. First thing John Lasseter did, day one on his new gig at Disney, was drive a stake through that version of TS3…

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