Bookmark Bar: Order of Tales hits 300

Order of Tales is an epic/fantasy graphic novel about a Teller named Koark. The orphaned son of Duke Themb, he is on a quest to fulfill the last request of his father. His family was charged with collecting and preserving the tales of all of the races of “a strange world.” Through his adventures he meets the Blackbirds, the Horned’s, and even a manufactured being known simply as “the Bottle Woman.”

Artist Evan Dahm began his epic, Tolkein-esque tale with the story of Rice Boy in 2006. The 39 chaptered, 439 pages-long graphic adventure follows the reluctant trail of a not-so unfamiliar character named Rice Boy and the even more familiar T.O.E. (The One Electronic) as they embarked across a huge, always-changing landscape to fulfill Rice Boy’s prophetic destiny.

Order of Tales picks up in the same world, but never gives a feeling of either prequel or sequel, although the appearence of T.O.E. raises these questions from Chapter 1.

On Monday, May 18, Evan will post his 300th page of Order of Tales, marking yet another impressive milestone in his already impressive collection. Be sure to drop by and check it out, but make sure you have a day or two available to catch up on the entire story. Order of Tales is an addictive read that Evan says may eventually be up to 800 pages long.