News briefs for May 14, 2009


» Gerald Scarfe, cartoonist and illustrator who directed animation for Walt Disney’s Hercules, will host this year’s annual Dundee Literary Festival in Dundee England. Festival runs June 25 to 28.


» Stone Soup creator Jan Eliot on cartooning and blogging: “Being online doesn’t give me ideas. Daydreaming does.”


» Speaking once again of Jan Eliot, she’ll have her comic drawings exhibited and available for auction at the 2009 Cartoon and Graphics Gallery May 16-17 during the Venice Art Walk.


» Washington state has passed a law giving newspapers a 40% tax reduction on their business tax. The law seeks to help struggling newspapers. The tax cut is similar to previous industry specific cuts for Boeing and the timber companies.

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  1. Naw, you can stay right there, Lucas. I understand there’s a little comics convention being held in San Diego soon, but I’m sure it won’t anywhere near as big as the one in Maine.

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