FOX cancels “Sit Down, Shut Up”

Sit Down, Shut Up, an animated sitcom that premiered on FOX in April, is shut down due to low ratings.

The fifth episode, which was originally slated to air this Sunday, has been pulled from the schedule.

18 thoughts on “FOX cancels “Sit Down, Shut Up”

  1. I guess it wasn’t up to Fox’s lowest level of ********* (fill the blank)

  2. I’m probably one of the very few people who actually liked the character designs (hey, it’s several hundred times better than what’s on Family Guy)

    But boy, the writing needed work.

    The show was originally pitched as a live-action series, which didn’t garner interest until they decided to make it animated. Here’s a tip: if it’s not good enough to be live-action, it’s not good enough to be animated.

  3. From what I saw of it (online), the character design was quite good – vastly superior to most of the absolute dreck that dominates animation these days…

    It was barely marketed – I remember seeing a few short intros and that’s about it.

  4. It’s kind of a shame that the quality of this show didn’t quite match up to the live action “Arrested Development”, which most of the cast and the creator hailed from. There were a few nice touches here and there that reminded you of the innovativeness of “Arrested”, but on the whole, highly disappointing.

  5. It didn’t thrill me at all..and It NEEDED to go away..and get retooled….or die….whew!
    I was disappointed that something that had so many Arrested Development attachments….sucked so badly…..

  6. The character design wasn’t the problem. The writing was awful. There were characters who caused me to change the channel when they appeared on screen.

    It’s surprising that people are making links to Arrested Development – other than a couple of actors, I don’t see any similarity whatsoever.

  7. The connective tissue to Arrested Development was not only 3 cast members, but also it was produced by Mitch Hurowitz.

    I only saw the first episode, and I agree it wasn’t very good. But in their defense, it seemed like they were trying to cram a lot of character introduction into 22 minutes. It * might* have improved with time, but it was pretty ‘eh’. I only saw one other episode it it was equally mediocre.

    I sort of liked the real-photo background idea.

    I honestly think it was doomed from the start. I saw clips from that show well over a year ago. I’m betting FOX was just using it as filler, and knew it wasn’t picked up before it even aired.

  8. You know I really didn’t mind it!

    I saw three episodes and although the characters weren’t very flushed out it had potential.

    I wasn’t particularly keen on Henry Winkler’s character but the rest worked well together.

    In comparison in Canada they launched a new cartoon called Bob and Doug which was a take off (no pun intended) of Bob and Doug McKenzie. That show is a bucket-load!

    It’s sad to see these Canadian icons having been demoted to characterless drivel!

  9. “Good riddance to a FOX cartoon that lasted 4 episodes!”

    So the Cartoon Network will pick it up, it will become a huge adult swim hit, and fox will snatch it back up for 5 years.

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