Jeff Kinney: one of Time’s most influential people

Jeff Kinney, the creator of the “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series has been named as one of Time magazine’s World’s Most Influential People coming in at number 52.

Kinney’s local upbringing and off-beat humor helped inspire his series of children’s books, “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” which chronicles the life of Greg Heffley, a middle school student on the brink of adolescence who finds himself in precarious situations. Since publishing the first book in 2006, the series has sold close to 16 million copies worldwide and earned Kinney a spot on Time Magazine’s 2009 list of The World’s Most Influential People, ranked 52.

“I don’t even think I’m the most influential person in my own house â?? I thought [hearing the news of making the list] was a joke,” said Kinney, 38, who now lives in Massachusetts.

5 thoughts on “Jeff Kinney: one of Time’s most influential people

  1. Wow, That’s quite an honor! I don’t know if Jeff reads this board, but congrats!!! That book was great!

    In related news, I made no. 36 on the list of most inconsequential people of of all time.

  2. Congrats Jeff. Congrats Steve, I would have read about your award but I was #1 on the most apathetic people of all time, or so I was told, like I cared anyway …

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