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Comic page changes – who’s out or in?

» The Worcester Telegram & Gazette replaced Tokyopop’s Undertown with Frazz.

» Mary Worth, Rex Morgan, M.D. and Mutts are dropped from the Herald-Tribune’s comics pages as of today. Dilbert was moved to the Business section and joining the line-up are Non Sequitur and Bliss.

» Pharos Tribune (Logansport, IN) has picked up Get Fuzzy daily as of today.

» The Citizen (Auburn, NY) will start running Get Fuzzy on Sundays beginning May 24.

Community Comments

#1 Joe F
@ 11:46 am

Good news for Get Fuzzy! It’s a great strip and it deserves to get picked up.

#2 John Auchter
@ 1:54 pm

Dear Wooster Telugram & Gazet,
That’s Frazz by “Jef Mallet,” not “Jeff Marshall.”

The Readers

#3 RS Davis
@ 4:08 pm

“Good news for Get Fuzzy! Itâ??s a great strip and it deserves to get picked up.”

Roger that…

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