ABC to premiere new animated prime-time show

The ABC network will premiere a new animated prime-time television series called “The Goode Family” created by “Beavis and Butthead” and “King of the Hill” creator Mike Judge. The show’s premise is centered around The Goode Family who is “obsessed with doing the ‘right’ thing whether it’s environmentally, politically or socially. Unfortunately their efforts often have unintended comic consequences.” The show is voiced by Mike Judge as Gerald, Nancy Carell as Helen, Dave Herman as Ubuntu, and Abby Elliott as Bliss.

The show begins Wednesday, May 27 at 9PM. Check out the official web site or watch the teaser below.

Hat tip: Animation blog

5 thoughts on “ABC to premiere new animated prime-time show

  1. Looks like decent satire. I’m happy for anything that doesn’t go into gratuitous shock value like American Dad/Family Guy. Is anyone else sick of that stuff?

  2. Ubuntu? A character named after a version of Linux?

    I agree with Meredith’s observations. I would hope that the writers do not fall back on what has become the all too familiar formula used in Family Guy, The Simpsons (which really needs to END), and American Dad. The only promising factor is that Mike Judge’s King of The Hill never really went for that blue type of humor. Also remember this is Disney, not Fox.

  3. Sorry, this is the part I was trying to quote:

    “We were all sick of animation,” Judge confesses, “and then they sucked us back in.”
    He admits he’d much rather be filming real people.
    “That’s probably what I’m better at doing … more realistic stuff.

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