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Les McClaine’s adventure comic Jonny Crossbones can only be described as a reincarnation of Tintin. The staggeringly accurate, yet stylized figure drawing contrasts perfectly with the constantly overwhelming landscapes to create a world that will suck you in immediately. Starting today, May 4, Johnny Crossbones is accelerating from a M-W-F schedule to full-on, five-times-a-week until the story is concluded.
If you’re already a fan you’ll be excited to know that Les has expedited the strip’s releases to expedite the release of a collected volume. If you’re not yet a fan go to Chapter 1, page 1 and read “Dead Man at Devil’s Cove“.

Community Comments

#1 NoahRodenbeek
@ 8:57 am

I meant to add this in the article, but Les has posted the some of the greatest tutorials for drawing in general and applying some cool Photoshop tricks at

Check ’em out.

#2 Dan Thompson
@ 9:14 am

Wow! This is very cool!

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