Complete Reuben and Division Awards

Title: Complete Reuben and Division Awards

Mike Lynch has posted the last remaining National Cartoonist Society’s division award (Book Illustration). The nominees are: Jim Benton Cherise the Niece, Stacy Curtis Raymond and Graham Rule the School and Mike Lester Cool Daddy Rat. Congrats to the nominees.

The complete list is now:

Reuben Award
Dave Coverly
Stephan Pastis
Dan Piraro

Television Animation
Bryan Arnett – Character Design – “The Mighty B!” – Nickelodeon
Ben Balistreri – Character Design – “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” – Cartoon Network
Sandra Equihua and Jorge Gutierrez – Creators – “El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera” – Nickelodeon

Feature Animation
James Baxter – 2D Character Animator – “Kung Fu Panda”
Clay Katis – Supervising Animator, Rhino – “Bolt”
Nicolas Marlet – Character Designer – “Kung Fu Panda”

Newspaper Illustration
Lars Leetaru
Mark Marturello
Sean Kelly

Gag Cartoons
Pat Byrnes
Mort Gerberg
Werner Wejp-Olsen

Greeting Cards
Kevin Ahern
Jem Sullivan
Debbie Tomassi

Newspaper Comic Strips
Stephan Pastis – “Pearls Before Swine” – United Feature Syndicate
Mark Tatulli – “Lio” – Universal Press Syndicate
Richard Thompson – “Cul de Sac” – Universal Press Syndicate

Newspaper Panel Cartoons
Vic Lee “Pardon My Planet” – King Features Syndicate
Mark Parisi “Off the Mark” – United Feature Syndicate
Jeff Stahler “Moderately Confused” – United Feature Syndicate

Magazine Feature/Magazine Illustration
Daryl Collins
Bob Staake
Sam Viviano

Book Illustration
Jim Benton Cherise the Niece
Stacy Curtis Raymond and Graham Rule the School
Mike Lester Cool Daddy Rat

Editorial Cartoons
Mike Luckovich
Jeff Parker
Michael Ramirez

Advertising Illustration
Roy Doty
Craig McKay
Jack Pittman

Comic Books
Chris Blain Gus & His Gang – First Second Books
Matthew Forsythe Ojingogo – Drawn & Quarterly
Cyril Pedrosa Three Shadows – First Second Books

Winners will be announced this year’s annual NCS Reuben Awards banquet on May 23, 2009 in Hollywood, CA.

17 thoughts on “Complete Reuben and Division Awards

  1. I’m a cartoonist, but Richard is an artist. And Stephan, well, he draws really excellent cups and plates. And quilted bedcovers

  2. The reality: Stephan’s is the funniest, Richard’s is the better drawn, I’m somewhere in the middle. But it’s always nice to be nominated, truly.

  3. Between those 3 cartoonists/artists there is so much amazing creativity and humor to choose from – only one can win, but they are ALL phenomenal…

    phenomenal |fÉ?Ë?nämÉ?nÉ?l|
    1 very remarkable; extraordinary : the HILARITY expanded at a phenomenal rate.
    2 perceptible by the senses or through immediate HILARIOUS experience : the phenomenal and hilarious worlds created by Stephan Pastis, Mark Tatulli, Richard Thompson.

  4. Well I agree that all three are probably the best out there right now, the reason being they are the three strips I always read first before others.

    I don’t mean this as a cop out in choosing one over the other, but all three are so very different in humor and art that it would be impossible for me to choose.

  5. Day-in and day-out, Pastis by a mile. There’s a reason Pearls Before Swine has become so popular with comics readers of all ages. It’s funny, plus it has heart and a brain. Cul de Sac and Lio are good, but they aren’t on Pastis’ level yet.

  6. Oh, this is just so sad. Alan, can’t you do something about this?! Stephan Pastis is now posting under the name “Trent Harper”! Trent! Who would name their kid “Trent”?! Honestly, I thought you were more creative than that, Pastis! Pathetic.

  7. I’m extremely happy for all three of you.
    Writing and drawing a daily strip is one of the hardest jobs around. To stay funny. Stay motivated. Draw consistently well. Write consistently well. Unless you’re one of the folks,the few, who are paid to stare at that white, scary piece of paper each day…and then fill it with your best work…every day of our forever…you don’t know what it’s really like. You all do it very well.Congratulations.

  8. Looking at today’s comics (3/27/09), I’ll vote for the “hookah smoking rat” strip over the doghouse and cart strips anytime. Pearls is smokin’ hot! Love the fez.

    Wow, that’s a really tough choice. I agree with Mark’s assessment that “Pearls” is the funniest and “Cul de Sac” has the best art. However, “Lio” also has excellent art that’s a lot of fun to look at, not to mention the fact that it does everything without dialogue. “Cul de Sac” has expanded its cast a bit and is very funny as well. And “Pearls” is always hilarious. Again, all three are very deserving of the award, but I’d have to go with “Cul de Sac” this year.

    A trio of surprising nominees this year. “Pardon My Planet” is not to my personal tastes; I find it way too wordy and not that funny. “Moderately Confused” and “Off the Mark” are both pretty good “offbeat” panels in the tradition of “The Far Side,” although to be fair both have excellent art. I think I would go with “Moderately Confused” in this case.

    This is at least the third straight year that Dan Piraro and Dave Coverly have been nominated, although the last two years they have not won. In other words, it’s overdue for one of them. I expect that Coverly, the creator of the excellent “Speed Bump,” will get the award. Pastis has created what is arguably the most popular new comic strip of the decade, but he’s a first-time nominee and unlike Al Jafee last year and Bill Amend the year before, this wouldn’t be a lifetime achievement award for Pastis.

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