TMS sues Warren Beatty over Dick Tracy rights

Tribune Media Services has filed a lawsuit against actor Warren Beatty to regain the TV and movie rights to the Dick Tracy property. TMS alleges that Beatty “wrongfully claims” executive motion picture and television rights. Beatty purchased the writes in 1985 and released the Dick Tracy movie in 1990 which starred Dustin Hoffman, Madonna and Al Pacino. TMS claims that after a decade the rights returned to TMS. Beatty has begun a developmental work for a Dick Tracy television special.

6 thoughts on “TMS sues Warren Beatty over Dick Tracy rights

  1. Nothing like a little ole law suit to get Beatty’s creative juices going, eh ?
    Beatty did way more harm then good when he made Dick Tracy 1990 version. It was nothing but an ego trip for him, to play Tracy. I always thought Bruce Willis could have done a way better job ib the lead role.

  2. As someone who worked in a movie theater at the time and was forced to watch it over and over again, believe me it actually grows on you (unlike Star Trek IV which only got worse).

    Besides without it Madonna would never have been inspired to write a song that allowed me to Vogue on the dance floor.

  3. Am I the only one who was reminded of “Dick Tracy” when he was watching “The Spirit?” As bad as those two comics-derived movies are, “Howard the Duck” makes them seem like Oscar contenders! I’d love to see everybody’s list of the top 3 bad comics-to-movies.

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