1973 ‘Peanuts’ Sunday strip goes up for auction

A 1973 Peanuts Sunday strip is up for auction. The signed Sunday comic dated April 1, 1973 features Lucy playing a April’s Fools joke on Charlie Brown by telling him the Red-Haired Girl was waiting outside for a hug and kiss. After Charlie Brown takes the bait, Lucy says, “just like shooting fish in a barrel.” Back in 2007, an original 1955 Sunday sold for $113,000 and just last May a 1957 and 1962 one daily and Sunday sold for a combined $106,000. As of this writing, the current bid is just over $4,000.

2 thoughts on “1973 ‘Peanuts’ Sunday strip goes up for auction

  1. I’m a very poor cartoonist (both in money and skill), 4 grand might as well be 113 grand. Heck, it might as well be a million dollars. Who buys these things?

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