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Gene Weingarten working on a new comic strip

Gene Weingarten, the Washington Post columnist who won the Pulitzer Prize last year, is working on a comic strip for syndication. In his weekly online chat session yesterday, the topic of Doonesbury’s depth of characters was raised which parlayed in to a bit of information that Gene is working on a strip with his son. Not much else was disclosed. Amy Lago, comics editor at Washington Post Writers Group, has confirmed that Gene’s strip is with WPWG, but declined to offer more details. As far as a release or launch timeline, Gene only wrote, “look for it soon.”

Hat tip: Mike Rhode/ComicsDC blog

Community Comments

#1 Mark Tatulli
@ 9:29 am

No! No! There’s no more room! Go away! Go away!

#2 Joe Rank
@ 12:10 pm

Bringing up “Doonesbury” might indicate that the target is for editorial page.
I would hope that SOMETHING could supplant that tripe “Mallard Fillmore”!

#3 John Cole
@ 2:39 pm

It’ll be interesting to see if and how well Gene’s wit translates from prose to pictures.

#4 wade
@ 3:30 pm

Hope it’s better than his column.

#5 Mike Rhode
@ 4:13 pm

I don’t imagine Gene would be doing a far-right strip which would appeal to MF’s readers. BTW, in DC, the Post runs Doonesbury in the arts section, but Prickly City (right) and Candorville (left) on the comics page. The Washington Times runs Mallard F on the second page of the main section.

#6 Garey Mckee
@ 5:05 pm

As long as it’s written well, a cleverly written right leaning strip can appeal to a left leaning reader and vice versa.

#7 steve skelton
@ 11:00 am

Alright that does it, Gene. I’m going to write a humor column.

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