Market and economic good news from NY ComicCon

New York Comic Con was last weekend and Publisher’s Weekly has a couple of articles on what the Con might mean for the market and economy. Calvin Reid and Heidi MacDonald report that this year’s attendance was up from last with 77,000 attendees this weekend. Brigid Alverson reported that children’s comics and graphic novels, especially those geared toward the under 13 crowd, are doing really well and projected to grow.

3 thoughts on “Market and economic good news from NY ComicCon

  1. Good news, but keep in mind that those figures are from the show organizers, and organizers very often cook attendance numbers. Not saying that’s necessarily the case here, but I’ve learned to look at such reports with a jaded eye.

  2. I was at the NYCC last weekend and it was an absolute mob scene. I was pleasantly surprised at the turnout. What was really great was that Sunday was Kid’s Day and there were tons of kids with their parents who weren’t there on Saturday which I’m sure helped ticket sales bump up. Mo Willems’ signing line was 4 aisles long! I should know, I waited on it.

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