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San Antonio Express-News lays off John Branch

Earlier this week The San Antonio Express-News laid off 135 of their employees, 75 from their newsroom and their cartoonist John Branch was among those affected. John will remain at the paper until March 20th. He’s been at the paper since 1981, when he landed his “first real job.” Like many of the cartoonists that […]

Posted on: Feb 27, 2009,  Section: Editorial cartooning, Comments: 12 Comments

The Ed Stein exit interview

Ed Stein wraps up 31 years at The Rocky Mountain News today. It’s the only daily paper he’s worked for and the only career he wanted to have. The following is a portion of a conversation I had with him this morning. AG: What stands out in your career? ES: When you first start out […]

Posted on: Feb 27, 2009,  Section: Editorial cartooning, Comments: 18 Comments

The Drew Litton exit interview

Drew Litton is perhaps one of the most rarest of cartoonists. His sports editorial cartoons have graced the Rocky Mountain News or 26 years. I had a chance to talk to him last night after he had drawn his last cartoon for the Rocky. AG. How much advance notice did you have that the paper […]

Posted on: Feb 27, 2009,  Section: Editorial cartooning, Comments: 1 Comment

Rocky Mountain News to close tomorrow

Several individuals have emailed me telling me that the Rocky Mountain News has announced that they will close their doors tomorrow. Editorial cartoonist Ed Stein and sports cartoonist Drew Litton will be out of jobs. E.W. Scripps, which owns the paper was unsuccessful in finding a buyer. The paper had about 230 staffers in their […]

Posted on: Feb 26, 2009,  Section: Editorial cartooning, Newspaper industry, Comments: 10 Comments

AAEC to DM Register: Give Brian Duffy his artwork

Ted Rall, the President of The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC) has sent a letter to The Des Moines Register’s editor asking her to reconsider their decision to donate Brian Duffy’s editorial cartoons to the University of Iowa. Ted argues that the cartoons represent Brian’s life work and that current industry practice allows the […]

Posted on: Feb 26, 2009,  Section: AAEC, Editorial cartooning, Comments: 15 Comments

Stephanie Piro lends hand to Aussie animal victims

Stephanie Piro, one of the Six Chix, is lending a hand to help raise money for animals displaced and rescued from the recent bush fire that destroyed over 1.1 million acres and over 2,000 homes in Australia. Six animal shelters were destroyed in the fires. Stephanie, who created a specially designed button featuring a koala […]

Posted on: Feb 26, 2009,  Section: Comic strips, Fund Raisers, Comments: 1 Comment

Caricature organization announces convention details

The International Society of Caricature Artists (ISCA, formerly known as the National Caricaturist Network) has announced details to their 2009 convention to be held in Sandusky OH this November. The confirmed speakers include Sam Viviano, Longtime MAD artist and current art director, Mark Fredrickson, Frequent MAD cover artist, Hermann Mejia MAD caricaturist and Tom Richmond […]

Posted on: Feb 26, 2009,  Section: Conventions, Magazine cartoons, Speaking Engagements, Comments: 1 Comment

Hermes Press to publish The Phantom collection

Hermes Press has announced that it will reprint the complete The Phantom series that has appeared in newspapers since 1936. The first volume is due out in September. As the daily strip ran in a different continuity from the Sunday version, Hermes Press will issue three volumes of dailies each year and one volume of […]

Posted on: Feb 26, 2009,  Section: Books, Comic history, Comments: 4 Comments

French cartoonist acquitted of anti-Semitism

Maurice Sinet, a French cartoonist/satirist, has been acquitted of anti-Semitism. He was charged with the crime after a July article he authored poked fun of Jean Sarkozy, son of French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who allegedly converted to Judaism to marry a Jewish heiress. Maurice was fired from the magazine after he refused to apologize after […]

Posted on: Feb 25, 2009,  Section: Controversies, International, Comments: 1 Comment

News Briefs for February 25, 2009

» I have been remised in earlier posts about comic page changes to mention that Mark Buford’s Scary Gary has been picked up in The Toronto Sun, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Sundays). » Betsy Streeter’s cartoons will be appearing in Body + Soul Magazine. Betsy is providing exclusive cartoons poking fun at the never-ending challenges […]

Posted on: Feb 25, 2009,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 1 Comment

Hearst threatens to sell or shutdown SF Chronicle

Heart Corp has announced today that it will begin making short term cuts to both union and non-union staff in order shore up the paper that lost $50 million last year. If the company cannot get its spending under control, Hearst said it will put the paper up for sale and if no buyer is […]

Posted on: Feb 24, 2009,  Section: Newspaper industry, Comments: 6 Comments

News Briefs for February 24, 2009

» Brian Duffy made news this morning with news that he is considering suing his employer for copyright ownership of his cartoons. The Telegraph Herald has announced that they are picking up his freelance cartoons. » uClick announced that you can now get Garfield Minus Garfield iPhone/iPod app. » Editorial Cartoonist Donna Barstow has been […]

Posted on: Feb 24, 2009,  Section: Comic strips, Controversies, Editorial cartooning, Speaking Engagements, Comments: 1 Comment

Oregonian to drop 10 comics

The Oregonian has announced that it will be dropping 10 comics to cut back on costs. The remaining 23 comics will be printed in color. Of the 23 slots that are now subject to change, Executive Editor Peter Bhatia announced that eight features are safe: Adams’ Apples, Dilbert, Doonesbury, Get Fuzzy, Mother Goose and Grimm, […]

Posted on: Feb 24, 2009,  Section: Comic strips, Comments: 22 Comments

Kirk Walters launches new local weekly comic

The Blade (Toledo, OH) editorial cartoonist Kirk Walters has started a new weekly comic called Frogtown which debuted in his paper on Sunday. The comic is the latest local comics that he’s done. Previously he also produced Maumee Dearest which has had a 20 year run. Frogtown is described as a “a slice-of-life cartoon about […]

Posted on: Feb 24, 2009,  Section: Cartoons, Comic strips, Comments: 4 Comments

Brian Duffy fighting for cartoon rights

Brian Duffy, recently fired by the Des Moines Register, is considering legal action to retain the rights to his cartoons, which the Register says they will donate to the University of Iowa. Apparently, according to a sketchy report by KCCI-TV, mirrored by E&P, the newspaper considers the cartoons “work for hire,” which would give the […]

Posted on: Feb 24, 2009,  Section: Editorial cartooning, Legal, Comments: 21 Comments