News Briefs for February 2, 2008

» The National Cartoonist Society rolled out a redesigned web site.

» Illustrator Barry Blitt will be speaking at the The Ontario College of Art and Design this Wednesday. Admission is free.

» Six Chix Stephanie Piro found a fan had taken images from her strip and set them to the music of Meatloaf and posted it on youtube. Link to her blog and to the youtube video.

» Neil Swaab has posted a great analysis on the Village Voice Media’s decision to drop all cartoons from its 15 newspapers across the U.S. and offers his take on possible solutions.

» NewsBusters, a conservative blog, has taken issue with a cartoon by John de Rosier of the Times Union in which he depicted democrats of trying to raise the flag at Iwo Jima (labeled “bailout”) with the Republicans trying to hold it down. They say it is an “insulting comparison” and a “major disgrace” to those who served in the Battle of Iwa Jima.