Patrick O’Connor laid off from L.A. Daily News

LA Observed is reporting that Patrick O’Connor has been laid off from the L.A. Daily News. Patrick was one of nine that were let go. I’ll update this post with more details as I get them.

3 thoughts on “Patrick O’Connor laid off from L.A. Daily News

  1. This is sad. I know Patrick, just saw him before Christmas. He told me the newsroom was almost empty. He also said the news was being written by people in India getting news feeds from the US. How screwed up is that? Outsourcing US news writing. When are we going to stop this insanity of letting companies export our jobs?

  2. This layoff isn’t really a surprise, but very sad nonetheless. He’s the first of 2009, and won’t be the last.

    They’re really gutting those Media News papers…

  3. I agree with Steve that this wasn’t really a surprise, but it’s still short-sighted of them, as they had a unique selling point to compete with the LA Times. But like most newspapers that have a staff cartoonist remaining, they don’t think about how to properly market such a great asset that they can then monetize and gain readership from.

    For groups that tend to be filled with really intelligent people, newspapers by-and-large don’t “think outside the box” too well.

    It’s just sad that the first layoff in 2009 came while we were still in single-digit days in January.

    This isn’t going to be a good year…

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