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Rob Tornoe to do cartoons for E&P

Former editorial cartoonist Rob Toronoe has picked up a gig with Editor and Publisher doing a weekly editorial cartoon on the media and journalism. Check out his work each Thursday over on E&P’s blog.

Community Comments

#1 Dan Collins
@ 8:44 am

Good luck Rob!

#2 Dan Collins
@ 8:45 am

BTW Alan, your spam filter cannot add! I keep typing in a value and they say it doesn’t add up correctly.

#3 Steve Greenberg
@ 10:22 am

Congrats, Rob! That’s sort of a variation on my old gig… for at least a couple decades, Editor & Publisher magazine (in print) had regular weekly cartoon contributors, of which I was the final one.

But see if they can at least give you a prominent link on the E&P home page… there’s no way of knowing your cartoons are on the blog, and I had to scroll down a ways on that blog to reach the cartoon.

#4 Drew Litton
@ 12:17 pm


That’s FANTASTIC news. Congrats! Here’s wishing you a ton of success and good things to come your way in 2009!

#5 Rob Tornoe
@ 12:22 pm

Steve, ask and ye’ shall receive:

#6 Clay Jones
@ 12:52 pm

Best of luck, Rob. I hope they treat you better than they treated Dave.

#7 Aaron Taylor
@ 3:39 pm

Rob, we keep seeing your name all over the place! Keep up the hard work — it seems to be paying off.

#8 Alan Jones
@ 5:12 pm

Great news Rob. I continue to keep up with you on Twitter (“Joe the Plumber” toon was dead on)!

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