Comic page changes

» The Valley Independent has dropped Monty, Herman, Alley Oop and Cow and Boy and replaced them with Blondie, The Family Circus. Looks like a net loss of two.

» The Northwest Herald is dropping Spider-Man and Peanuts in favor of Pickles and Pearls Before Swine.

» The News Review has picked up five new features: Get Fuzzy, Rubes, Pearls Before Swine, Cul De Sac and Non Sequitur. The article didn’t name the features that were axed.

» Mike Rhode notes that The Onion has dropped Wondermark by David Malki.

» A reader writes in to tell me that the Seattle Times has replaced Zippy the Pinhead with The Pajama Diaries.

4 thoughts on “Comic page changes

  1. It’s the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that’s dropped “Zippy.” They’re both owned by the same outfit (JOA), but they still have different comic editors.

  2. Apparently the Onion is dropping ALL their comics. The issue that came out today has another special Wondermark that’s not on the web btw.

  3. There is a change in the offing at the Los Angeles Times in the near future. They’ve been running trial strips to determine which will replace FBOFW. I’ve not cared for any of the entrants thus far, but I just found out that Stone Soup by Jan Eliot is up next.
    She definitely gets my vote!!!

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