News Briefs for October 29, 2008

» The Christian Science Monitor has announced that it’s cutting all of its daily editions and focusing on a weekend edition and their web site. I haven’t asked Clay Bennett, their former editorial cartoonist, but I can imagine him thinking his jump to the Chattanooga Times Free Press as being the best move. Ever.

» Comic Book Resources continues on its daily review of influential historical editorial cartoonists such as: Boardman Robinson, Will Dyson, Daniel Fitzpatrick and Carl Giles.

» Comic Book Resources also talks to Rhymes with Orange creator Hilary Price.

» Roger Schlueter writes in the Belleville News Democrat about the missing watch that Get Fuzzy character Satchel used to always wear. (hint: he never figures it out, but puts together a good timeline on its appearance and disappearance.)

» More information and photos of the new FBOFW Farley plush doll

» David Reddick interviews Jim Davis about the new book Garfield Minus Garfield which went on sale October 28th. Go to, click on the 3rd featured video in the top left hand corner.